Enqueue It

Easy and scalable solution for managing and executing background tasks and microservices seamlessly in .NET applications. It allows you to schedule, queue, and process your jobs and microservices efficiently.

Designed to support distributed systems, enabling you to scale your background processes and microservices across multiple servers. With advanced features like performance monitoring, exception logging, and integration with various storage types, providing complete control and visibility over your workflow.

Provides a user-friendly web dashboard that allows you to monitor and manage your jobs and microservices from a centralized location. You can easily check the status of your tasks, troubleshoot issues, and optimize performance.

Benefits and Features

  • Schedule and queue background jobs and microservices
  • Run multiple servers for increased performance and reliability
  • Monitor CPU and memory usage of microservices
  • Log exceptions to help find bugs and memory leaks
  • Connect to multiple storage types for optimal performance:
    • Main storage (Redis) for active jobs and services
    • Long-term storage (SQL databases such as SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and more) for completed jobs and job history
  • Web dashboard for monitoring jobs and microservices
  • Cross-platform, runs on any OS without the need for additional services.

Currently v0.3.0